Wednesday, July 11, 2007


I just saw the movie SICKO …twice. It really moved me. I am not particularly a Michael Moore fan, and yet I found this movie outstanding in its honesty. It made me think - What are our values in America? I believe our health is of the utmost importance. We are supposedly a “first-world” country, and yet our most important right (the right to good health) is being taken away from us little by little.

I think this is why I am obsessed with THE NEW YOU. I want to change our way of thinking. We are walking around like the living dead. We work, work, work, and don’t take care of ourselves, and really aren’t enjoying life the way we should.

We have to put ourselves first! Traditionally women have acted as caretakers, putting everyone and everything else before them, but it is vital that we put our health and well-being first! We need to put our lifeforce and our essence first. Otherwise – “What’s it all about Alfie?” If we don’t take care of ourselves both inside & out, how can we truly care for those we love? Don’t we deserve that? We work harder than any country in the world where today women not only raise families, but the majority of us bring home the bacon, too. In a time when more women are starting businesses than getting married, it is paramount that our wellness comes first. Good health shouldn’t be an option for just the privileged few, but the right of all. It’s time to change! It’s time to find out how to become THE NEW YOU.

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